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 your hometown program

Something that truly means the world to us is our YOUR HOMETOWN program. It’s simple: It’s custom bowties (+ accessories) from your own or chosen fabrics.

We name the bowtie + accessories after you. After all, it’s YOUR HOMETOWN.

what’s the process?

Interested? Yes! Now you’re wondering, “how do I do this?”

It’s easy — all you have to do is say hello.

There are two options for a customized bowtie:

  1. YOUR OWN FABRIC: You provide us with a fabric that has meaning to you. It can be an old shirt or an apron. After the exchange, we’ll make the agreed amount of bowties and proper sizes to suit you. Once we’re done… you now have customized, meaningful, and memorable bowties!

  2. WE FIND FABRIC FOR YOU: We’ll scavenge local thrift stores to find the best fabric that suits your needs. Looking for a floral pattern or musical notes? We’ll do our absolute best! Then we’ll handmake the agreed amount of bowties for you.

important things:

Since this is a custom process, it’s going to take time.

  • We recommend you reach out to us well in advance (2-4 weeks minimum), especially if you’re thinking of having custom wedding bowties. The more products from fabric, the longer it takes.

  • Remember you have to ship the fabric to us (if we’re local, we will travel or meet up to the best of our ability) and that’s going to take time, too. Once it’s in our hands, we’ll work as hard as we can for a deadline!

  • Patience + communication is key!


give us the deets!

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 Feature: The cedar Lane

From a high-end shirt hanging in a Florida father-in-law’s closet to a bowtie around the grandson’s neck matching his father for Thanksgiving, The Cedar Lane is a reminder of the power of handing something down, generation after generation.


three generations…

Our first YOUR HOMETOWN program was The Cedar Lane, a set of bowties made from old shirts in a closet. The story goes…

The client lost her father-in-law two years ago. She collected his beautiful shirts and none of them fit her husband. Instead of discarding the meaningful shirts, she handed them over to us.

We had the privilege to transform the incredibly gorgeous button down into matching bowties: one for her husband and one for her son just in time for Thanksgiving. (There were two other sets made as well from other shirts.)

In this photograph, you see three generations: A happy father and son, along with a grandfather forever represented in the form of a bowtie. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime and can be handed down for generations to come.