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all about bowtie boulevard

We are proud to be a business that has a lot of meaning. With this, we’ve accomplished so much, taken on tough challenges, and are so excited to share every part of our story. We hope you fall in love with our brand, too.

our founder and CBO


Hi, I’m Jacob deHahn,

the proud CBO (Chief Bowtie Officer) and Fashionable Founder of Bowtie Boulevard.

I’m an eclectic, out-there person so I love finding different ways to stand out. Ties are wonderful, but when you see someone in a bowtie, it’s interesting… they automatically have a unique charm about them. This is why I made my own and wore them, even informally… and part of why the business exists!

This business is completely run by me, myself, and I (plus all the wonderful supporters, family, and advisers I couldn’t live without!) and with that, I absolutely love connecting with every single customer. You are why I do what I do.

Bowtie Boulevard truly would not exist without each and every one of you. We don’t sell just bowties — we share wearable, memorable stories.

how we started

It all began with a packaging project.

This company began from one of my design projects in college: to design packaging around a chosen product. Using a bowtie I created a sleek, black box that emulated a tuxedo jacket and a clear window in the front to see the pattern clearly.

*Here’s a story: the hardest part was pulling my third all-nighter (of only three total!) in college, staying up to re-print the box since I broke it so many times!! I still can’t believe I managed to get to the presentation on time, dressed up (my pants were a bit wrinkly), and hoped the bags under my eyes weren’t evident!


After sharing the project with people, several asked me this exact question and made me wonder what was next:

“why Not make Bowtie Boulevard a business?!”

With an entrepreneurship background, I borrowed my mother’s sewing machine and went for it. (Don’t worry, she got it back… only a mere a year later...) I put products on Etsy, went to a few events, and took the plunge.

Now look how far we’ve come.

 what we’ve done

From street fairs and events to business plan competitions, Bowtie Boulevard has done more than just e-commerce sales. We’re an active business!

 a business plan competition

In spring of 2019,

we entered the iPrize Business Plan Competition at Syracuse University. There were six different categories (we were in Products + Services) and a multitude of businesses participating.

Crafting a business pitch deck to present in front of four judges, Jacob deHahn, CEO + Founder, pitched all about our mission in just five minutes. With humor, wit, and a bowtie around his neck, the judges laughed and teared up at the emotional impact of Bowtie Boulevard.

Now, we didn’t expect to hear this:

“… and the winner of the largest prize of $7,000, is Bowtie Boulevard.”

The very first thing we purchased with the grand prize was a brand new sewing machine (as we were using our mother’s machine and… she wanted it back!).


it really happened!

Check out the announcement of the competition results — it was an exhilirating feeling to see our name beside a large prize winning! We are so excited to put the money to use (while still staying true to our roots… with coupons, of course!)

in-person events

the Westcott street cultural fair [ sept. 2018

Our biggest, and most important, event was the Westcott Street Cultural Fair in Syracuse, New York. On a sunny Sunday in September (whew, a mouthful!) we set up a custom booth using… of course… upcycled materials!

Our story and presentation was so successful that we made several sales and ended up being the star feature on the local news. It helped us gain major traction and visibility in the area.


article in the Daily orange

A Syracuse University newspaper, the Daily Orange, wrote a beautiful article regarding Bowtie Boulevard — and Jacob deHahn. Check it out!

 It doesn’t end here

Our goal is to continue growing and sharing our story. We’ll be updating this page as we accomplish more of our goals and take on new challenges.

Until then, create your own story — purchase a bowtie (or two!) or create your own bowtie with the YOUR HOMETOWN PROGRAM.